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Glend Ren

Hi, Daya

        We plan to use netconf to configure other devices and some private api for special third party devices in the future.  Current netconf is not implemented in our HNI module and it is mainly based on openflow. We can consider your suggestion that  these devices are configured via netvirt.

The arp module of netvirt can response the vm of openstack platform. But HNI may involve other platforms such as vmware platform. Netvirt can not response the vm of vmware platform. One function of HNI is to connect the vlan network of vmware platform and the vxlan network of the openstack platform. So the arp module can response for the vms of vmware platform. When users send the rpc request to the controller, HNI can get all the vms information of openstack network and vmware network that users want to connect. Then the arp module of HNI writes the arp response flow tables to the ovs.


2018-07-28 21:04 GMT+08:00 Dayavanti Gopal Kamath <>:

Thanks sam.

Glend, a few more questions from me.

ODL has the netvirt service today which can configure a hwvtep today via ovsdb based on openstack l2gw configuration.

It looks like semantically, you are looking at extending a similar operation to other devices via netconf. So, it could potentially be an extension of the netvirt service, or if you create a netconf schema for these devices, these could be stitched via netvirt as well.

Wrt. the ARP module, again netvirt has some services where an auto-ARP responder is programmed inside OVS for router interfaces.

Netvirt is also able to learn from vm grat ARPs, and arp responses for unknown IPs.

Can you please provide more clarity on the scope of the new arp module, will it be a stand alone service, and what are the scenarios in which it will work.








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Adding Daya to thread.


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Added the TSC as well.


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There is a 2 week review period for project proposals so that folks can ask questions over the email and after which you can come and present the project to the TSC for approval. Since you proposed it today, you will be eligible to present it on Aug 16. Will it be possible for you or a project representative to come and present the project in the Aug 16 meeting? Details of the TSC meetings including the conference call info are here:







On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 2:08 AM Anil Vishnoi <vishnoianil@...> wrote:

Hi Glend,


Thanks for the project proposal. I have few quick questions


(1) Although it's not mentioned in the project proposal, but are you considering Kubernetes networking support/extension also as a part of this project proposal?

(2) Seems like you are planning to use netconf to configure VTEP on some non-hwvtep complient devices, is there any specific devices that you are planning to target ? or are you planning to provide a framework that any vendor can leverage to write their extension for the device?

(3) Architecture diagram shows "private api" can you please shed some more light on it ? 

(4) Also i see TSDR project in the architecture, can you please explain a bit about it's use in the architecture (is it a secondary persistence for monitoring data of the tunnels)?

(5) Also it shows integration with message bus, is there a plan to integrate this architecture with some external data store or to integrate it with any external orchestrator? Just want to understand the use of this message bus in the overall architecture.




On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 1:00 AM Glend REN <glendren12@...> wrote:


    we propose a project to the opendaylight committee. Here is the reference 



I am looking forwards your replay. Thanks.


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