Propose a new project:DetNet Plugin


Dear Abhijit and all,

     My team and I want to propose a new project in ODL called DetNet Plugin.

     The project mainly focus on  deterministic service which providing guaranteed bandwidth, bounded latency, and other properties germane to the transport of time-sensitive.
     Deterministic related technique includes Deterministic Networking (DetNet) in layer 3 and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) in layer 2. The details is as the proposal shown.

     I have finished the project proposal as the following shown.

     Please let me know the creation meeting or what should I do next.

Best Regards,

熊泉  Xiong Quan

软件开发工程师  Software Engineer
预研标准部 / 有线研究院 
Pre-research & Standard Department / Wireline R&D Insititute


2/F, R&D Building, ZTE Corporation Huashi  Park Road,
Donghu  Hi-tech District, Wuhan, P.R.China, 430223

: +86 027 51811060    M: +86 13871144372
: xiong.quan@...


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