Propose a new project: Alt-datastores


Dear Abhijit and all, 
I together with Michael Vorburger and team members from China Mobile and China Telecom want to propose a new project in ODL called Alt-datastores. 
The topic of this project has alaways been discussed in the past. ODL will be able to support a 3rd-party datastore with our project.
The details is as the proposal shown:

Please let me know what should I do next. 

Best Regards, 

韩杰 hanjie

软件开发工程师 Software Developer

Software Platform Nanjing Development Dept I/Wireline Product R&D Institute/Wireline Product Operation Division


ZTE Corporation, 68# Zijinghua Road, Yuhuatai District, 

Nanjing, P.R.China, 210012

M+86 13912964018


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