OpenDaylight and NetXStudio

Christophe Bouhier <christophe.bouhier@...>

Dear reader,

We are investigating how our product could fit in the OpenDaylight eco-system.

NetXStudio is open source and what it does is a Performance/Capacity management system. It reads metric data from telecom systems
and derives new metrics using a formula language. We model the network elements and configuration of elements and links and map the metrics to the components of the network.
Then there is navigation, presentation, reports of results.

It's not a real-time system, as the data we read is granular: 1 hour or 1 day data, and we are interrested in Capacity development on the long run. (Spread of several years).
For Opendaylight however, we are looking at making it more real time, by processing SNMP, so it would be monitoring. The basic idea is that when the data arrives real-time, combined with the calculation engine and perhaps service data we we could hook-in to the orchestration and perform configuration of services etc... based on the rules.

Before we work out a complete proposal, I would like to ask for your advise.
(We have a lot of catch-up to do on OpenDaylight before being capable to come to our own conclusions at this point in time and space).

So my question to Opendaylights are:

- Do you see a need for such a solution?  (Real-time monitoring, orchestration based on rules/formulas).
- Would there be interrest from OpenDaylight partners to join and help develop?
- Which OpenDaylight components would we interact with?

We would very much like to join the Opendaylight community with a sensible solution, we are open to other 'needs' which we could help develop.

About NetXStudio

NetXStudio runs with a major Mobile operator in the Netherlands. It's build with Eclipse Java, RCP, Equinox and many more Eclipse technologies. (I noticed, Opendaylight supports OSGI).
It's Open source (licensed GPLv3). We are setting up a new website at the moment. See more nformation here: ).

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