[release] [Reminder] Beryllium project proposal deadline is 7/23 (Thursday)

George Zhao

My advice will be: scope your project according to Beryllium release plan, make your project release time based not feature based.


I would recommend participate in Beryllium first, at M5 or RC time, if the project is not ready for release, you may withdraw it from simultaneous release, unless you are sure at the beginning that IoTDM will not deliver for Beryllium.


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There were some things that fell through the cracks for iotdm.  I plan to come up with a very small release plan soon.  


What if I do not want to officially be apart of the release but still contribute code?  I think it would be better to be apart of beryllium but I am just asking.







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Subject: [release] [Reminder] Beryllium project proposal deadline is 7/23 (Thursday)


Dear ODL community,


This is a reminder that the due day to propose a project in Beryllium is 7/23 Thursday. (offset 2)


TSC reserves the right to accept projects after due date, however, it is highly recommend that you communicate with communities either through email thread discussion or schedule a TWS presentation.