Attention TSC members: New Project Proposal - ServiceUtils (genius repo split) - vote on June 14 TSC meeting?

Abhijit Kumbhare

Hi TSC members,

For a new project proposal , the TSC review is supposed to be two weeks after it has been proposed so that the TSC members have a chance to review it first. In this case, this was brought up to be discussed in the TSC meeting of May 31 (two weeks ago) as an additional repo within Genius. In the May 31 meeting, we managed to only briefly discuss this but some members (Robert & Luis) felt it may be better to have this as a separate project. It was decided to continue the discussion in the TWS of June 4, where in it was decided to have this as a separate project.

Hence I am willing to consider the two weeks notice period to start from May 31 (when this was first brought up) and have it up for a vote in tomorrow's TSC meeting i.e. June 14 - unless some TSC member is opposed and wants more time to review it. I will put it for the agenda tomorrow - in case any TSC member disagrees I will move it to the next week TSC meeting.

Please respond to this email thread in case you are opposed to having a vote in the meeting tomorrow i.e. June 14.

Faseela or someone knowledgeable about the project proposal - please attend the meeting tomorrow to answer any questions regarding the proposal that may be asked. 


On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 1:37 AM Faseela K <faseela.k@...> wrote:



    As discussed in last TSC call, we presented the scope of the SRM feature which is currently in GENIUS, at TWS.

    The decision was to spin off a separate project, starting with SRM, and other utils if any in Genius which SRM depends on, to enable the smooth usage of this functionality across applications.  

    The project proposal can be seen below, please let us know when we can have a creation review at TSC for the same.




   Please do let me know, whether I should raise a helpdesk request and get the repo created and migrate code, before we can do a creation review.