Proposal to spin out MD-SAL

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

The YANG tools project would like to spin out a project containing the Java bindings and the code generators related to them. After analyzing where they fit conceptually, we have found that the Java bindings at this stage are tightly bound to the Binding Aware MD-SAL and thus they should live together, so they can be co-evolved with more ease.

Since the overall tune of the controller is trimming down, rather than dropping a large chunk of code into it, we would like to create a project, which will combine:
- MD-SAL binding-independent APIs and SPIs
- MD-SAL binding-aware APIs and SPIs
- MD-SAL binding-aware-to-binding-indepent connector
- YANG tools' Java code generators and support classes
to create a well-defined abstraction layer, without tying it to any particular implementation.

The details of the proposal are captured here:, comments and contributions are more than welcome.