tentative extended SR release dates for Lithium

Colin Dixon

As part of a previous TSC meeting [0], I was asked to provide candidate dates for service releases beyond SR2 for Lithium. The tentative plan was:

A.) Have the first two service releases spaced 6 weeks after the primary release. This is already in the lithium release.

B.) Have subsequent releases spaced 12 weeks apart. I've put two more releases with tentative dates below that would take this out to likely after the Beryllium release.

C.) Provide service releases until either some time after the Beryllium release or sometime after the Boron release.

If we decide to only support Lithium until we release Beryllium, we only need to have an SR3 and SR4. If we decide to support Lithium until after we release Boron, we will likely need to have SR5 and SR6 as well.

The result is the following candidate dates: (SR1 and SR2 are already decided)
* SR1 8/13/2015 (+7 weeks from release, includes delay for July 4th)
* SR2 9/24/2915 (+6 weeks from SR1)
* SR3 12/17/2015 (+12 weeks from SR2, does not add a week for thanksgiving b/c that would delay by 3 weeks)
* SR4 3/24/2016 (+14 weeks from SR3, includes delay for Christmas and New Years)
* SR5 6/16/2016 (+12 weeks from SR4)
* SR6 9/15/2016 (+13 weeks from SR5, includes delay for July 4th)

Note that we might want to slip some of these dates might need to slip forward or backward once we have Beryllium and Boron release plans so that they avoid colliding with critical dates in those releases.