PacketCable PCMM: OpenDaylight Helium M3 Status Update

Thomas Kee <t.kee@...>


Below find the PacketCable PCMM (packetcable) Helium M3 status update:

Project: PacketCable PCMM
OpenDaylight Helium M3 Status update.

Project Release Plan has been updated and is located here:  

M2 Deliverable Status:
Release Plan: YES
COPS driver connections and all gate messages: YES
Ensure build compliance with new maven build strategy: YES
Complete northbound model and southbound COPS driver: YES

M3 Deliverable Status:
IPv6 compliance : NO
Review and finalize MD-SAL model and external APIs: NO
Junit Test with Soft CMTS working: YES
Checkin github hosted source code to ODL Gerrit: YES

Project Development Status Summary:
​All deliverables are a shade of YELLOW.


Thomas Kee

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