TTP M3 Update

Colin Dixon

The Table Type Patterns project is BEHIND schedule. We have yet to deliver either of the deliverables from the M2 and M3 deadline.

1.) Preliminary support for reading/writing JSON TTP files (From M2)
   * This will be partially delivered as a python script which can parse sample TTP files.

2.)  Ability to host a set of named TTPs, browse their capabilities, and select interest in them (M3)
   * Work on this has not yet started.

As of now, despite being behind, I think that the TTP project will be able to deliver at least a significant fraction of the deliverables we promised and the risks are low as no other projects are depending on our functionality in this release.

The next significant challenge will be hitting the API frees on 8/4. We are hoping to do this relatively quickly by adding a YANG description of an Augmentation to FlowCapableNodes to create a TTPCapableNode.


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