SNMP4SDN Helium M3 status

謝宜玲 <ylhsieh@...>



Here is the M3 status update for SNMP4SDN.


SNMP4SDN Project


Project release plan updated here:


M2 Deliverable Status


Release plan complete:  done

VLAN configuration: done


M3 Deliverable Status


Flow configuration on ACL: delayed (to be done by M4)

Statistics retrieval (and hardware properties retrieval in M4): deferred to Lithium


Project Development Status Summary



(Flow configuration is currently the main supported function in SNMP4SDN plugin. Flow configuration on Ethernet switch could be done in three locations - forwarding table, VLAN configuration, and ACL; the first two ones are implemented (status as green), and the last one is postponed to M4 (status as yellow).)





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