Re: [OpenDaylight TSC] [release] Sulfur code freeze

Robert Varga

On 10/03/2022 06:39, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:
Hello Robert and all
On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 12:58 PM Robert Varga <nite@... <mailto:nite@...>> wrote:
On 07/03/2022 17:00, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:
> Hello TSC and all
> We are going to code freeze Sulfur for all Managed Projects ( cut
> lock release branches ) on Monday March  14th at 10 am UTC
> Please remember that we only allow blocker bug fixes in release
> after code freezes
 From MRI perspective, we are ... 5? ... months behind the
schedule. The
good news is that MDSAL-696, which was blocking yangtools-8 -> mdsal-9
integration is done and dusted.
Next steps are to integrate with:
- controller-5 (done unless maven-verify finds something)
- aaa-0.15 (should be a breeze)
- netconf-3 (not trivial, but the pieces should be mostly there)
- bgpcep-0.17 (not sure, if we pass this we should be okay overall)
As it stands, I expect the MRI projects to be ready to integrate on
Friday the 11th, with bgpcep-0.17 integration gating yangtools-8
great news, so sounds like we can still move forward with Sulfur code freeze on 9/14 ...
so a day has passed, I am up for an update:
- there was a regression (YANGTOOLS-1407) detected in lispflow integration, that is taken care of
- is started, with most of the patches in a reasonable shape
- of that, there are some prerequisites in OFP which can be merged --
and Sangwook already merged most of them
- there is a model-vs-code impedance in OFP, I will looking into that tomorrow -- either the code needs to be adjusted or the model, both are quite easy to do
- there is the same problem in lispflowmapping, I think I know the answer, but fired an email at Lori to confirm
- both netconf and bgpcep builds are passing to ~50% mark

The major outstanding item are the MD-SAL regressions detected in ovsdb (and same thing is biting netconf) and bgpcep, tracked as MDSAL-731 and MDSAL-735 respectivelly.

I believe they are manifestations on of a problem with the new RuntimeType code -- and seem to have a good idea as to what needs to be done. I am currently working on a prototype. In terms of progress, it needs a bit of work for a test drive, but so far the code challenges are asking all the right questions, AFAICT.

If all goes well, I should have a fix ready tomorrow, but I won't know until it's complete enough to face testing.


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