Re: The road to Java 17

Robert Varga

On 25/09/2021 00:00, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello everyone,
Hello again,

as you might have noticed, Java 17 has been released: with reference implementation here:

IIUC, there are only a few issues which prevents us from adopting JDK 17 as a requirement:
- maven-xtend-plugin compatibility (due to Guice, what a surprise), which should be solved in 2.26.0, whenever that is available
- SpotBugs compatibility, which should be addressed in 4.4.x series
These issues have been addressed.

With all this in picture, I believe the proper course in OpenDaylight is to have:
- Sulfur (22.03) supporting both JDK11 and JDK17 at compile-time, with artifacts compatible with JDK11+
- All of Sulfur being validated with JDK17
Both these items are delivered, all projects participating on Sulfur GA verify each patch with both JDK11 and JDK17.

- Chlorine (22.09) to require JDK17+
This is now slated for delivery: odlparent/master and yangtools/master both require JDK17 and are taking advantage of JDK17 features. More projects are slated to follow.


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