Re: The road to Java 17

Robert Varga

On 25/04/2022 16:42, Robert Varga wrote:
On 25/09/2021 00:00, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello yet again,

with not may replies in this thread, here is an update on where we are.

With all this in picture, I believe the proper course in OpenDaylight is to have:
- Sulfur (22.03) supporting both JDK11 and JDK17 at compile-time, with artifacts compatible with JDK11+
- All of Sulfur being validated with JDK17
Both these items are delivered, all projects participating on Sulfur GA verify each patch with both JDK11 and JDK17.
As it stands 2022.03 Sulfur SR1 works just fine with Java 17. Please share your experience, as I am currently tracking no outstanding issues at this time.

- Chlorine (22.09) to require JDK17+
This is now slated for delivery: odlparent/master and yangtools/master both require JDK17 and are taking advantage of JDK17 features. More projects are slated to follow.
2022.09 Chlorine platform components (e.g. MRI projects up to and including NETCONF) now require Java 17 on their master branch. I have done some amount of exploration in other support projects and it seems there are no blockers to adoption.

As such, I believe(*) we are committed to Java 17 for 2022.09 Chlorine Simultaneous Release.


(*) Please switch to Java 17 now and report any issues you find. At this point we are very much committed to Java 17 and the sooner you test, the better experience of this switch all of us will have.

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