BGPCEP Helium M3 Status Update

Dana Kutenicsova -X (dkutenic - Pantheon Technologies SRO@Cisco) <dkutenic@...>

OpenDaylight Helium M3 Status update.

Project Release Plan has been updated and is located here:

M2 Deliverable Status:

Final Release Plan Complete:  YES

Gerrit/Jenkins merge process successfully pushes project binary artifacts to Nexus repo: YES

API design of BGP speaker: NO (ETA 07/18/14)

BGP Update message serializer: YES

M3 Deliverable Status:

Continuous Integration Test Working: NO

Project Documentation has started:  YES

Project Development Status Summary:

Create model for AdjRibsIn/Out: YES

Support for Segment Routing: YES

Support for BGP statistics: NO (lowered priority till M4)

Overall status:

Yellow - due to high demand on delivering features for PCEP that weren't planned for this release, we are approximately one month delayed in other development