SNBI M3 status

Frank Brockners

SNBI (secure network bootstrapping infrastructure)

OpenDaylight Helium M3 Status update.

Project Release Plan has been updated and is located here:  


M2 Deliverable Status:


Final Release Plan Complete:  YES

Gerrit/Jenkins merge process successfully pushes project binary artifacts to Nexus repo: YES  


M3 Deliverable Status:


Continuous Integration Test Working: YES

Project Documentation has started:  YES



Project Development Status Summary:

Neighbor discovery

Controller: Southbound plugin, discovery phase - status: build successful,  green

Forwarding element: discovery phase - status: in coding, red

Forwarding element code is dependent on portable foundation (associated network model etc.), which is also late (see below). Team is working on a get well plan. Likely neighbor discovery for the FE needs to be pushed out to M4.


Certificate management infra for controller - status: build successful, green

Portable Foundation/Container base image for forwarding elements

Publish documentation of portable foundation networking model - status: published – green

Base portable foundation docker image in public docker repo - status: plan to publish by Jul/11th, yellow


Overall: Yellow (mostly green for controller pieces, schedule delay for pieces related to the forwarding element)