SFC M3 Status

Paul Quinn (paulq) <paulq@...>

Service Function Chaining (SFC)

OpenDaylight Helium M3 Status update.

Project Release Plan has been updated and is located here:  https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Helium_Release_Plan

M2 Deliverable Status:

Final Release Plan Complete:  YES

Gerrit/Jenkins merge process successfully pushes project binary artifacts to Nexus repo: YES

M3 Deliverable Status:

Continuous Integration Test Working: YES
Continuous Integration Testing is where your project has a Jenkins job which will rebuld and retest to an appropriate level when a project you depend on publishes new artifacts to the nexus repo.

Project Documentation has started:  NO

Project Development Status Summary:

Finalize YANG models: GREEN. 

Review and determine southbound plugin protocols and requirements: YELLOW.  In progress, should be completed by 7/11/2014

NB API Implementation: GREEN.  API generated from YANG models above.

Overlay integration design: YELLOW.  In progress.  Updated expected 7/10/2014