mdsal-9.0.0 released

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

mdsal-9.0.0 has been released, the release notes are here:

The following issues were addressed relative to mdsal-8.0.11:

[MDSAL-563] - Eliminate use of Xtend in unified-html-generator
[MDSAL-690] - Do not reference concepts.Builder in builders
[MDSAL-695] - Do not use AugmentationSchemaNode.getOriginalDefinition()
[MDSAL-696] - Do not use DerivableSchemaNode
[MDSAL-719] - Take supported features into account
[MDSAL-722] - Map system-ordered leaf-lists to java.util.Set
[MDSAL-724] - Reject invalid InstanceIdentifiers
[MDSAL-730] - Clean up InstanceIdentifier semantics
[MDSAL-676] - Package ietf-restconf and ietf-yang-patch in mdsal
[MDSAL-685] - Do not reference SchemaNode.getPath()
[MDSAL-688] - Remove unified-html-generator
[MDSAL-705] - Remove RFC7277 models
[MDSAL-706] - Upgrade iana-if-type to 2021-06-21
[MDSAL-707] - Upgrade iana-routing-types to 2021-10-19
[MDSAL-708] - Remove RFC7223 models
[MDSAL-717] - Remove AssertDataObjects
[MDSAL-720] - Do not package rfc7895 ietf-yang-library
[MDSAL-729] - Always genenerate module DataRoot
[MDSAL-712] - Action(Provider)Service translates grouping Action path incorrectly
[MDSAL-715] - Binding generator fails on resolution of augment whose path contains nodes augmented from another namespace
[MDSAL-718] - Augments fail to resolve
[MDSAL-721] - does not handle KeyedListActions
[MDSAL-723] - ActionProviderService.registerImplementation() does not handle KeyedListActions
[MDSAL-726] - ActionService does not handle KeyedListActions
[MDSAL-731] - Failure to start Binding/DOM codec
[MDSAL-732] - Binding generator generates uncompilable code for leafref chain with identityref at the end
[MDSAL-735] - StackOverflowError with bgp-linkstate
[MDSAL-565] - Convert DocumentationTemplate.xtend to Java
[MDSAL-686] - Do not reference SchemaNode.getPath() in BindingRuntimeTypes
[MDSAL-687] - Do not reference SchemaNode.getPath() in mdsal-binding-generator

This release adopts odlparent-10.0.0 and yangtools-8.0.1.

There are four major changes with impacts on downstreams:

- 'ordered-by system' leaf-lists are now mapped to java.util.Set instead of a List.

- 'decimal64' is now mapped to org.opendaylight.yangtools.yang.common.Decimal64 instead of java.math.BigDecimal

- the old, RFC7223, version of ietf-interfaces has been removed

- the old, RFC7895, version of ietf-yang-library has been removed

Aside from these, the runtime part of Binding Spec implementation has been rewritten to a large extent, as required by the removal of SchemaNode.getPath().