controller-7.0.0 released

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

controller-7.0.0 has been released, the release notes are here:

The following issues were addressed relative to v6.0.3:

[CONTROLLER-2051] - Minimize serialization proxy names in cds-access-api
[CONTROLLER-2056] - Minimize serialization proxy names in controller.datastore.persisted
[CONTROLLER-2058] - Define RaftVersion.ARGON
[CONTROLLER-2002] - Do not pull odl-controller-blueprint into cluster-test-app
[CONTROLLER-2053] - Deprecate ask-based protocol
[CONTROLLER-2055] - Do not allow cross-datastore transactions
[CONTROLLER-2060] - Remove ABIVersions up to and including SODIUM_SR1
[CONTROLLER-2061] - Deprecate ABIVersion.MAGNESIUM
[CONTROLLER-2064] - Switch to using RaftVersion.ARGON
This release is scheduled for 2023.03 Argon and contains major improvements in persisted format and the inter-node communication protocol.

Also note this is the last major release to support the ask-based protocol.