Dynamic Resource Reservation Project M3 Status Update

Mathieu Lemay

Dynamic Resource Reservation
OpenDaylight Helium M3 Status update.

Project Release Plan has been updated and is located here:  https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Reservation:Helium_Release_Plan

M2 Deliverable Status:

Final Release Plan Complete:  YES
Gerrit/Jenkins merge process successfully pushes project binary artifacts to Nexus repo: YES

M3 Deliverable Status:

Continuous Integration Test Working: YES

Project Documentation has started:  NO, we plan to provide guidance on documentation later this week.

Project Development Status Summary:

 - Prototype TL1 Southbound implementation: IN PROGRESS  
                   TL1 communication and interaction library: done. 
                   Proper MD-SAL integration: not started.
 - Information Models: IN PROGRESS
                   Multi-layer Information Model: done
                   Reservation Information Model: not started

Overall Summary

The project was Red because the team has underestimated other work on controller, DLUX and karaf. It  is now trending on Yellow, in order to be back on Green by next milestones we plan to take the following items:
     - Reduce the scope of this first iteration and drop the advanced scheduling (meaning only immediate reservations are supported, (those that start right away) ) 
     - Allocate additional resources to the project
     - Initially support only OpenFlow southbound plugin (TL1 and Netconf to be supported only if time allows it)