mdsal-10.0.0 released

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

mdsal-10.0.0 has been released, the release notes are here:

The following issues were addressed relative to mdsal-9.0.3:

[MDSAL-641] - Convert mdsal-binding-dom-codec to a JPMS module
[MDSAL-692] - Use HexFormat to print out byte[] properties
[MDSAL-693] - Improve TypeObject.toString()
[MDSAL-733] - Change 'type identityref' Binding representation to normal objects
[MDSAL-740] - Generate fields for all Identityrefs in an Union binding class.
[MDSAL-747] - Do not shade byte-buddy
[MDSAL-753] - Generate a switch expression for enum's forName()/forValue() methods
[MDSAL-754] - Generate ofName() and ofValue() for enumerations
[MDSAL-755] - Improve javadoc of generated classes
[MDSAL-49] - Do not generate Builders for Union types
[MDSAL-496] - Deprecate generated notification listener interface
[MDSAL-704] - Do not use IllegalArgumentCodec
[MDSAL-757] - Do not generate @java.beans.ConstructorProperties
New Feature
[MDSAL-701] - Support for atomic registration of diverse DOMNotificationListeners
[MDSAL-702] - Add support for listening on multiple notifications
[MDSAL-756] - PingPongTransactionChain's cancel() always closes underlying chain
This release adopts odlparent-11.0.0 and yangtools-9.0.0.