mdsal-11.0.0 released

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

mdsal-11.0.0 has been released, the release notes are here:

The following issues were addressed relative to mdsal-10.0.3:

[MDSAL-86] - Split up BindingDOMRpcImplementationAdapter
[MDSAL-673] - Add nonnullFoo() getters for non-semantic objects
[MDSAL-743] - Add BitsTypeObject
[MDSAL-744] - Map bits type to primitive boolean
[MDSAL-776] - Integrate Action with BindingContract
[MDSAL-777] - Support single-RPC interfaces in RpcConsumerRegistry and RpcProviderService
[MDSAL-791] - Do not track uninteresting bundles
[MDSAL-792] - Union value classes need to enforce non-null components
[MDSAL-794] - Change mapping of action input/output
[MDSAL-541] - Switch DOMRpc{Implementation,Result} to work on ContainerNode
[MDSAL-773] - Generate Rpc specializations
[MDSAL-775] - Do not allow cross-datastore transactions
[MDSAL-778] - Deprecate RpcService and related API contracts
[MDSAL-784] - Generate binding codecs in a dedicated namespace
New Feature
[MDSAL-768] - Package RFC7317's iana-crypt-hash module
[MDSAL-786] - Remove BindingReflections.isAugmentationChild()
[MDSAL-787] - Remove BindingReflections.findHierarchicalParent()
[MDSAL-788] - Remove BindingReflections.resolveRpc{Input,Output}Class()
[MDSAL-793] - Split out mdsal.binding.dom.codec.impl.loader
This release adopts odlparent-12.0.1 and yangtools-10.0.1.