netconf-5.0.0 released

Robert Varga


netconf-5.0.0, has been released.

Release notes are available here:

The following issues have been resolved:

[NETCONF-913] - RemoteDeviceId should capture only MD-SAL preference
[NETCONF-918] - Move NetconfDeviceTopologyAdapter to netconf.topology.spi
[NETCONF-919] - Do not touch configuration datastore during netconf-topology init
[NETCONF-921] - Separate out LockChangeListener from NetconfDeviceSalFacade
[NETCONF-940] - Add descriptions to web contexts
[NETCONF-917] - Remove SchemaAware NormalizedNode builders usage
[NETCONF-922] - Expose sal-netconf-connector configuration as a grouping
[NETCONF-927] - Simplify OperationsContext with yangtools 7.0.9 +
[NETCONF-931] - Deprecate netconf-node-topology.yang RPCs
[NETCONF-932] - Rename netconf.api.ModifyAction to EffectiveOperation
[NETCONF-935] - Move NetconfTopologyRPCProvider to netconf.topology.spi
New Feature
[NETCONF-669] - Separate out schemaless mountpoints
[NETCONF-745] - Device Notification
[NETCONF-862] - Add changed-leaf-nodes-only subscription extension
[NETCONF-926] - Duplicate yang-ext:mount in error message
[NETCONF-933] - 'commit' sent to devices without 'candidate' capability
[NETCONF-934] - Fail to generate <discard-changes> RPC
[NETCONF-936] - Netconf testtool fails to find credentials node in SchemaTree
[NETCONF-912] - Remove generics from sal.connect.api
[NETCONF-914] - Encapsulate RemoteDeviceHandler.onDeviceConnected() access services
[NETCONF-916] - SchemaResourceManager should not reference network-topogy
[NETCONF-920] - NetconfDeviceCapabilities should be imutable
[NETCONF-923] - Do not expose NetconfDeviceCapabilities from NetconfTopology
[NETCONF-924] - Complete firstConnectionFuture without holding locks
[NETCONF-930] - Specialize schemaless remote device RPC service

This release also integrates odlparent-12, infrautils-5,
yangtools-10, mdsal-11, controller-7 and aaa-0.17.

It is slated for Argon integration, which I expect to happen very soon.