[ODL Discuss] Java 11 support sunset

Daniel de la Rosa

Thanks Robert. adding TSC to make sure that everybody gets this message

On Wed, Mar 15, 2023 at 2:54 PM Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

As 2023.03 Argon is nearing its release, we are also nearing the End of
Life date for 2022.03 Sulfur: as per the community support rules, as
soon as Argon is out, Sulfur is no longer supported.

Sulfur is an important milestone, as it is our JDK transition release,
which supports both Java 11 and Java 17. Its nominal End of Life date is
March 16th, 2023, which is tomorrow (depending on your timezone and when
you are reading this).

There have not been any security issues which would warrant a
Simultaneous Release since December 5th, 2022 (the regularly scheduled
release of Sulfur SR3) and as such, we will not be making a Sulfur SR4.

With these facts on the table, OpenDaylight kernel projects will each be
making a last Sulfur-train release as a courtesy to downstreams
interested enough to pick these up simply because there is a significant
number of important backported bug fixes.

This process is already underway, with the previously-announced release
of odlparent-10.0.6 and will be concluded with the release of
bgpcep-0.17.9 (or transportpce-5.x.x if the TPCE team chooses to follow
suit). It notably excludes Managed Snapshot Integrated projects, like
openflowplugin, daexim, jsonrpc, ovsdb and others.

The releases provided through this effort are quite incompatible with
Sulfur SR3 (through adoption of karaf-4.3.9 at the very least) and are
the last releases we will issue for the 2022.03 release train. Anyone
adopting them needs to be cognizant of the fact we will not be issuing
any releases to fix anything that might go wrong with them -- they are a
courtesy after all.

This corpus also is the last we expect to support Java 11. All
subsequent releases are expected to come from 2022.09 Chlorine or later,
which in turn requires Java 17 or later.

If you are in a position where you require more than the regular
community-promised support, PANTHEON.tech has got you covered, as we
have a number of flexible support solutions, currently stretching as far
back as 2018.03 Oxygen. Please contact sales@... for more
information on available options.