yangtools-8.0.10 released

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

yangtools-8.0.10 has been released. The release notes are at

Following issues were resolved in this release:

[YANGTOOLS-1486] - Reduce AbstractPrerequisite footprint
[YANGTOOLS-1011] - Empty XML anydata nodes cannot be normalized
[YANGTOOLS-1361] - YangXPathExpression.interpretAsInstanceIdentifier() does not handle unqualified names
[YANGTOOLS-1458] - Instance identifier parser : handle inner quotes within quoted strings
[YANGTOOLS-1470] - Fail to find unique argument node in augmented list
[YANGTOOLS-1471] - Fail to process unsupported augment statement
[YANGTOOLS-1473] - XML/JSON YangInstanceIdentifier codecs mis-handle key values
[YANGTOOLS-1474] - Fail to process augmentation with empty grouping
[YANGTOOLS-1480] - Fail to process deviation/augmentation from multiple modules
[YANGTOOLS-1481] - Fail to parse a list with unique statement when unsupported
[YANGTOOLS-1485] - Fail to process deviation of augmented node without feature support
There release also adopts odlparent-10.0.6.