yangtools-9.0.0 released

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

yangtools-9.0.0 has been released.

This is a major releases, breaking both API and ABI compatibility. There
is a slew of changes, as detailed in

Overall 17 issues addressed in this release:

[YANGTOOLS-1322] - Remove concepts.Builder and concepts.CheckedBuilder
[YANGTOOLS-1332] - Remove concepts.IllegalArgumentCodec
[YANGTOOLS-837] - Add support for varied model conformance
[YANGTOOLS-1396] - Refactor IfFeaturePredicateVisitor
[YANGTOOLS-1420] - Update known Unicode blocks for Java 17
[YANGTOOLS-1422] - Invert SchemaInferenceStack's deque
[YANGTOOLS-1424] - Switch yang-model-validator to argparse4j
[YANGTOOLS-1425] - Compute YangInstanceIdentifier.hashCode lazily
[YANGTOOLS-1437] - Normalize Decimal64 scale in DecimalStringCodec
[YANGTOOLS-1440] - Add support for adjusting Decimal64 scale
[YANGTOOLS-1427] - Do not fallback to toString() in UnionStringCodec
[YANGTOOLS-1432] - Remove support for semantic version imports
[YANGTOOLS-1428] - Missing failedSource in SchemaResolutionException
[YANGTOOLS-1431] - Unsupported leaf under causes parsing failure
[YANGTOOLS-1433] - YangInstanceIdentifierWriter does not handle nested augmentations
[YANGTOOLS-1434] - Building SchemaContext fails when augmenting submodel data
[YANGTOOLS-1438] - Decimal64.toString() loses negative sign
This release also adopts odlparent-11.0.0, requires Java 17 and is slated for 2022.09 Chlorine integration.