Re: #84177 Merging stable/fluorine work onto Neon (master)

Mahesh Jethanandani

Ahh! That makes sense.

On Sep 3, 2019, at 1:53 PM, Donald Hunter (donaldh) <donaldh@...> wrote:

Hi Mahesh,

The deletions all happened as part of the is_exclusive and e-tree service commit that got merged into stable/fluorine. I’m assuming it was a refactoring.


On 3 Sep 2019, at 19:02, Mahesh Jethanandani <mjethanandani@...> wrote:

Thanks Donald for trying to get the Unimgr branch into Neon.

Couple of things I noted was that there were quite a few Legato files that were deleted/removed. I assume these files are still work in progress, but I wanted to get the team working on it to confirm.

As an example, this file is marked for deletion:


On Sep 3, 2019, at 9:00 AM, Donald Hunter (donaldh) <donaldh@...> wrote:

Well that turned out to be quite big:

Please take a look at this change and verify whether all the functionality is as expected. There was a fair bit of manual conflict resolution and migration to the Neon API versions (mdsal binding). A significant amount of work was required in the Legato tests to fix compilation problems with the most recent PowerMock and Mockito library versions.

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