[OpenDaylight TSC] Stepping down as OpFlex PTL

Daniel Farrell <dfarrell@...>

Hello Amit,

Thanks for letting us know and best wishes for the new job.

Can you hold a vote among the opflex committers to elect Tom as a committer and the PTL? It'd be ideal to do so on the opflex mailing list so we have a proper record.

You may also need to clean up your active committeers. I don't think Dvorkin and Rob Adams (at least) are still around.


On Wed, Sep 26, 2018, 12:53 AM Amit Bose <amitbose@...> wrote:
   I've changed jobs and will be stepping down as OpFlex PTL. Tom Flynn has been involved with the project for a while and has volunteered to be the next PTL for the project. He is not currently a committer so he will also need to be assigned commit rights.

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