Hi Sirisha Sangam and SDNINTERFACEAPP Team,

We would like to express our appreciation for your contribution to the Carbon Simultaneous Release and the wonderful innovations your team has brought to the OpenDaylight Project and its community.

We have not heard from your project regarding your intent to participate in the Nitrogen Simultaneous Release [1] which was due on June 21, 2017 [2]. Please take a moment to confirm if your project intends to drop from the Nitrogen Simultaneous Release. We will assume your project does not intend to participate in the Nitrogen Simultaneous Release if we do not hear back by the end of this week.

Please note that projects participating in the Nitrogen Simultaneous Release are required to complete the Nitrogen Simultaneous Release Plan Requirements [3] as well as the Nitrogen Karaf 4 Migration Requirements [5], including:

* local karaf 4 distribution: projects build local karaf 4 distribution
** create karaf 4 features and local karaf 4 distribution
** test, and identify blocking issues
** examples: (support only karaf 4) or (support karaf 3 and karaf 4)
** create bugzilla issue such as and make it block
* odlparent version 2: projects migrate themselves to odlparent version 2.0.0
** This means removing your Karaf 3 features (because odlparent 2.0.0 will not support Karaf 3 anymore)
** projects should make some minor adjustments in the code related to the switch to a newer Guava version.
* add to integration distribution: projects to add their karaf 4 features to integration distribution as per

Best Regards,
An Ho