SNBI M2 status



1.     Have you completed the project checklist ? (Yes/No)

     Already done in previous releases.

2.     Does your project have any special needs in CI Infrastructure?  - No
3.     Is your project release plan finalized? - Yes

·    Do you have all APIs intended to be externally consumable listed? – Yes
·    Does each API have a useful short name? - Yes
·    Are the Java interface and/or YANG files listed for each API? - Yes
·    Are they labeled as tentative, provisional, or stable as appropriate for each API? Yes
·    Do you call out the OSGi bundles and/or Karaf features providing the API for each API? Yes
4.       4.   All project dependencies requests on other project's release plans been acknowledged and documented by upstream projects? - N/A No dependent projects.
5.       5.   Were there any project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone? - Yes finalized the release plan.
Integration and Test:
6.     Will your project have top-level features not requiring system test?


7.     Will your project use the OpenDaylight CI infrastructure for testing top-level features requiring system test?