Re: [controller-dev] aaa build failure in proposed topic:neon-mri ("Weather Item" TSC-132)

Tom Pantelis

On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 7:26 AM Michael Vorburger <vorburger@...> wrote:
Dear maintainers of project aaa,

While verifying the proposed cross-projects changes on managed topic:neon-mri together, your project failed to build; please see

IMHO this is blocking topic:neon-mri / TSC-132 and one of us should see how we can sort this out:

Running org.opendaylight.odlparent.featuretest.SingleFeatureTest
Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 315.015 sec <<< FAILURE! - in org.opendaylight.odlparent.featuretest.SingleFeatureTest
installFeatureCatchAndLog(org.opendaylight.odlparent.featuretest.SingleFeatureTest)[repoUrl: file:/w/workspace/integration-multipatch-test-neon/patch_tester/aaa/features/odl-aaa-password-service/target/feature/feature.xml, Feature: odl-aaa-password-service 0.9.0.SNAPSHOT]  Time elapsed: 314.722 sec  <<< ERROR!
org.awaitility.core.ConditionTimeoutException: Condition with alias 'checkBundleDiagInfos' didn't complete within 300 seconds because lambda expression in org.opendaylight.odlparent.bundlestest.lib.TestBundleDiag: expected system either ready with all bundles Active, or Stopping or Failure (but not still booting in GracePeriod, Waiting, Starting, Unknown;but just Resolved and some exceptional Installed OK) but was <diag: Booting {Installed=0, Resolved=5, Unknown=0, GracePeriod=1, Waiting=0, Starting=0, Active=101, Stopping=0, Failure=0}
1. NOK OSGi state = Active, Karaf bundleState = GracePeriod, due to: Blueprint
9/23/18 10:55 AM
Missing dependencies: 

This is b/c moved the aaa-password-service BP xml file under OSGI-INF/blueprint. However the feature does not pull in the ODL blueprint bundles, either directly or indirectly via odl-mdsal-broker-local. 
So it either needs to pull in odl-mdsal-broker-local or we create a feature for the ODL blueprint bundle. For the short-term, that patch doesn't need to
move  the BP xml file for the MRI version bumps so we could put it back under org/opendaylight/blueprint for now and address it in another patch.
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