Re: Removal of IdP component from AAA

Robert Varga

On 21/03/2019 18:07, Luis Gomez wrote:
Hi Robert,

Can you please explain the impact of this? e.g. can we for instance change the default user admin/admin or use token authentication after this change?
Well, I am just a caretaker trying to get things moving forward.

From what I remember, user credentials should not be affected, as that
goes through Shiro, which is a separate thing.

I would suspect that token authentication would be affected, but I do
not know the deployment details.

Please note this not something new, Ryan has made a call out here:
and there is a tracker to replace Oltu here: Based on the conversation
we have had on this when he was still around, his assessment was that
the feature is not useful in practice.

I do not claim authority over this matter, nor do I claim Ryan's
assessment is correct. Unfortunately, status quo in this project is
simply untenable for the following reasons:

1) JIRA has not been scrubbed for a year. When I scrubbed it, we
immediately got a fix from Richard Kosegi for AAA-174. That issue has
been sitting there for 10 months and it was fixed in about 24 hours.

2) there are a few long-standing issues filed, which require fixing in
Oltu. That is just not going to happen in upstream.

3) it is a core project, on which we rely for our security. We just
cannot afford it being a security hazard.

4) org.json/json dependency, which is coming from Oltu is a real
licensing concern, from what I understood from the conversations we had
(even at the TSC call) around

That is why I merged the change early in the dev cycle and announced it
very widely, so that there is plenty of time to determine impacts and
discuss alternatives.

The simplest way to determine it is, and I am kindly asking you to, grab
the latest Karaf distro and test out the functionality you expect to work.

If it turns out that there are stakeholders who are affected, I think
the proper course is for them (or their proxies) to come forward and
take ownership of the feature:
- it is mere 800LOC of code that got removed
- there are at least 3 bugs filed against token auth
- there are alternative libraries:


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