Re: Tech meeting today?

Nguyen, Liem Manh <liem_m_nguyen@...>

We occasionally have AAA tech meetings at 9PST on Tuesdays… Guess that conflicts with MD-SAL meeting  :\. 


I will move this topic for this Thursday then… and we need a new date/time for tech meeting.  Mondays from 8:30AM PST – 9:30AM PST ok with folks?




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What time today?  The MD-SAL meeting is at 9am PST... I'd be happy to help in intro-ing the MD-SAL to

the AAA team though :)



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Hi guys,


I don’t see a meeting for AAA on my calendar today… Are we having a tech meeting?


I think from last time, the agenda is going to include intro to MD-SAL and a presentation of current MD-SAL AuthZ work--if you are ready, Wojciech…


Anyone else has anything else to talk about?




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