Security Credential Service enhancement request

Dean, Steve <sdean@...>


I was asked to capture the events regarding an enhancement request I submitted to the AAA team.

The SNMP Plugin project is developing a plugin that allows application to interact with devices using SNMP.  Interacting with a device using SNMP requires a Security Credential.  On Jan 12 I filed an enhancement request in Bugzilla (#2576) and sent email to aaa-dev mailing list.

The request was asking the AAA team to provide a Security Credential Service to manage credentials. 

On Jan 22 a response email was sent by Liem Nyugen stating that generic credential management is part of AAA’s scope, but the release plan for Lithium does not include it due to resource constraints.  Liem stated the AAA team would welcome a contribution from the SNMP Plugin team, and that the AAA team would work with the SNMP Plugin team regarding a contribution from the SNMP team.

Going forward the SNMP Plugin team will work on the Security Credential Service and continue to work with the AAA team.