Documentation of the AAA's CLI

David Suarez Fuentes <david.suarez.fuentes@...>

Hi Mohamed,

I am going to continue documenting the AAA's CLI in this patch [1]. By typing aaa: in the Karaf console I can see the following commands:

aaa:add-domain           aaa:add-grant            aaa:add-role             aaa:add-user             

aaa:change-user-pwd      aaa:export-keystores     aaa:gen-cert-req         aaa:get-cipher-suites    

aaa:get-domains          aaa:get-node-cert        aaa:get-odl-cert         aaa:get-roles            

aaa:get-tls-protocols    aaa:get-users            aaa:import-keystores     aaa:remove-domain        

aaa:remove-grant         aaa:remove-role          aaa:remove-user

Is this list complete enough?

Best regards,