Any plans to move off org.json/json in the future?

Ryan Goulding <ryandgoulding@...>

Hi oltu devs,

My name is Ryan Goulding, and I am a Project Lead on ODL, an open source SDN platform.  We depend on oltu for oauth2 implementation in our AAA implementation.  However, one of the issues we are currently running into is the controversial nature surrounding the org.json/json license that includes the famous “do no evil” clause.  It appears that you utilize org.json [0] despite the controversial license.  Is there any plan to move away from org.json in the future, or is this something you plan to stick with for the foreseeable future?  Would be great to hear back from you so we can decide how to proceed, since our aim is to remove org.json/json from ODL in our next release.

Thanks and best regards!
Ryan Goulding