Nitrogen RC1 Build CSIT Failures

Kit Lou <klou.external@...>

Hello Nitrogen Projects,

This email applies to the following projects which have CSIT failures with our RC1 Build:
  • aaa
  • bgpcep
  • bier
  • coe
  • controller
  • distribution
  • dluxapps
  • genius
  • groupbasedpolicy
  • lispflowmapping
  • mdsal
  • netconf
  • netvirt
  • nic
  • openflowplugin
  • ovsdb
  • sfc
  • snmp
  • sxp
  • topoprocessing
  • unimgr
  • usc
  • vtn
  • yangtools
Please review the failures captured in the tracking spreadsheet [1] below and update the results as soon as possible.  If there are blocker bugs, please open and record it under the "Blocker Bugs" tab in the same spreadsheet.

Request that you do this by the end of the week.  Thank you!

Best Regards,
Kit Lou