Oxygen M1 Status Reminder

Kit Lou <klou.external@...>

This is a friendly reminder for the projects below to complete their M1 milestone status readout as soon as possible (within a week) as it is past due:
aaa, coe, dlux, dluxapps, eman, faas, infrautils, mdsal, netvirt, nic, ocpplugin, odlparent, of-config, openflowplugin, opflex, packetcable, snmp, sxp, tsdr, unimgr, yangtools

As communicated earlier, milestone status needs to be submitted as reStructuredText file (similar to release notes) into the docs project - see Section 4, item aa in TSC meeting minutes [1].   All submitted and merged milestone readouts can be viewed here to make them readily accessible [2] - note that we have converted the M0 emails into rst files for all the participating projects.

Please make a copy of the m1 status template file [3], update, and submit your milestone readout into this folder of the docs project:  "docs/release-process/milestone-readouts/m1".

There is a useful online reStructuredText tool [4] you can use to validate your rst file contents - copy the rst file contents into the left pane and you will see the rendered HTML on the right pane.