Question: How to test authorization without restconf?

"WangYuchen <lucas_sjtu@...>

Hi everyone:

I am trying to get started with aaa source code and in particular its authorization. I got the code from here:
git clone
According to the, AAA is automatically installed upon installation of odl-restconf-noauth and enabled through aaa-shiro-act, but after I built the code and launch karaf, there is no such features in its feature:list. I try to add netconf features repo from ODL Carbon release but odl-restconf-* still cannot be installed (error occurs).

I manually installed odl-aaa-shiro and was able to test the authentication example provided in However, the authorization example requires restconf as well.

So, where can I get a correct version of restconf to test with aaa? Otherwise, how can I test authorization from a non-RESTCONF context? 

Thanks a lot!