[yangtools-dev] patch-test triggers to run csit on patches

Robert Varga

On 05/06/18 16:28, Sam Hague wrote:
All the projects in the to: list have the ability to run genius and
netvirt csit on any patch using a gerrit comment. The job is non-voting
and only reports back status. If you do run the csit and notice a
non-success, please ping the genius and netvirt lists to look at the job
so the team can fix any issues found.

The format of the comment is:

For example, on a controller patch, you would add this comment to run
genius csit: test-controller-genius. This is shown in controller
patch: https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/72650/.

For aaa to run netvirt csit, test-aaa-netvirt.
This is awesome :) although yangtools would also need a replacement of
jars, so I am not sure how useful it is at this time :)