Canceled: AAA documentation

Nguyen, Liem Manh <liem_m_nguyen@...>

Sujatha would like to get the documentation reviewed by EOW; so, let’s communicate via email instead throughout the week…
Notes from today’s meeting:
1) Went over AuthN configurations
2) Sujatha to send out a revised doc for team review
3)  Liem to send out a Postman catalogue for AuthN
4) John to send out SSSD mapping/configuration doc (Jetty integration will likely change the configuration part, but mapping semantics and concept should remain the same)
Hi everyone,
These meetings are intended to familiarize our documentation person with AAA quicker.  So, attendance is optional if you are not presenting something for the meeting, or the documentation person J.
Agenda this week:
1) SSSD (John)
2) AuthZ (Wojciech/Lakshman)