[controller-dev] My DevStack integration borked .. AAA errors in log.

Tony Tkacik -X (ttkacik - Pantheon Technologies SRO@Cisco) <ttkacik@...>

Figured out why warning is from AAA,

Submitted patch:


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Subject: [controller-dev] My DevStack integration borked .. AAA errors in log.

I tried to run my OpenStack GBP to OpenDaylight GBP integration last night.

DevStack throws "500 server errors². This was working absolutely fine 9 days ago, (snapshot) and probably since then too (can¹t recall last time I ran it, but pretty sure since 9 days ago, so can¹t give you an exact date it worked last, but I know it was broken last night and still is).

I saw LOADS of AAA messages in the log:

A simple POC using basic Auth works.

Feature loaded is: odl-restconf

Effectively this is blocking me. Anyone have any clues as to what is going on?

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