Enhancement Request - Security Credential Service

Dean, Steve <sdean@...>



I entered an enhancement requests in Bugzilla to capture an enhancement that could be used by the SNMP Plugin project.  My understanding of the process is enhancement requests should be entered in Bugzilla, and the project team should be informed via email.


Below is information about the enhancement request.  I would like to get feedback from the AAA team regarding whether this service should be owned by the AAA team.  We have already prototyped this service and would work closely with the AAA to complete development of the service.


Bugzilla # - 2576

Summary: Security Credential Service


Description: The SNMP Plugin project team will be developing a plugin that allows applications to interact with devices using the SNMP protocol.  Interacting with a device using SNMP requires a Security Credential.  This may be a simple community name for SNMPv1. SNMPv3 will require more sophisticated Security Credentials such as certificates. 


A service is needed that allow an operator to populate a data store with security credentials needed to interact with devices.  The service must also allow applications (eg SNMP Plugin) to obtain security credentials from the data store so that it can interact with the device.  The Security Credential service should be able to provide security credentials for other protocols such as NETCONF.


This Enhancement Request is requesting the AAA team to provide this service.  The AAA team should work closely with the SNMP Plugin team to implement this service.