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here are the minutes of the weekly Kernel Projects meeting from today:


#opendaylight-meeting: kernel-weekly

Meeting started by vorburger at 17:06:50 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. NETCONF Test Tool removal (vorburger, 17:07:45)
    1. jmorvay asks if this tool can be removed (vorburger, 17:07:57)
    2. jmorvay explains what this does.. testing tool is a NETCONF server which simulates like a switch or router (vorburger, 17:09:02)
    3. it has an option when you start it to specific if you want to use the real MD-SAL data store or its local in-memory List (this is not the MD-SAL in-memory TestDataBroker) (vorburger, 17:10:29)
    4. jmorvay propose to keep the md-sal backed one, but ditch that fake data store (vorburger, 17:11:32)
    5. rovarga says that the fake data store is useful for performance testing netconf protocol (vorburger, 17:12:26)
    6. vorburger suggests asking if using the MD-SAL in-memory TestDataBroker could be an option here; rovarga says no, because that's still too heavy (vorburger, 17:14:20)
    7. jmorvay reason for wanting to remove it is maintenance burden, rovarga says not much maintenance is needed (vorburger, 17:15:09)
    8. jmorvay reason was JAXB removal, rovarga says it's OK to keep it in the test tool (vorburger, 17:16:18)
    9. (vorburger, 17:18:49)

  2. YANG 1.1 action support in NETCONF (vorburger, 17:20:43)
    1. Martin Sandberg says Ericsson is looking for this, and has had some email exchange with jmorvay, there is a JIRA (vorburger, 17:21:30)
    2. jmorvay says there is some basic support but more work is needed, shouldn't be that hard for non-clustered, for clustering "also needs some proxy clustered services" (vorburger, 17:22:23)
    3. (jmorvay, 17:24:09)
    4. (vorburger, 17:26:52)

  3. Code Freeze in 2 days (vorburger, 17:28:18)
    1. skitt clarifies it's been moved from in 2 days to next week (vorburger, 17:28:36)
    2. rovarga says distribution is currently broken, skitt merging netconf right now, and it should be OK after that (vorburger, 17:29:08)
    3. TSC call on Thursday needs to discuss this (vorburger, 17:29:26)
    4. rovarga says it should be OK tomorrow (vorburger, 17:30:06)
    5. jmorvay says his netconf patches could wait for Sodium if he has to, rovarga says it would be great to still get it into Neon (vorburger, 17:31:22)
    6. vorburger asks what the timeline and plan for branching and then opening master as Sodium will be (vorburger, 17:34:58)
    7. rovarga says that there should be just 1 day of interruption, so we'll have stable/neon (for blockers only) and master open for Sodium the day after (vorburger, 17:36:12)
    8. small request: if someone using multi-patch job in a regular basis can review this patch: (LuisGomez, 17:36:50)
    9. : (LuisGomez, 17:36:54)
    10. the TSC call on Thursday needs to make the decision for the code freeze cut off, community majority will probably want to post pone in (vorburger, 17:36:54)

  4. Multi Patch Job (vorburger, 17:38:19)
    1. LuisGomez requesting skitt rovarga may be to review (vorburger, 17:38:28)

  5. Attendees (vorburger, 17:42:38)
    1. vorburger skitt LuisGomez TomP rovarga Martin Sandberg jmorvay (vorburger, 17:43:06)

  6. Gerrit API (vorburger, 17:43:19)
    1. skitt asks for interest in a "bot" which could auto-merge jobs (vorburger, 17:46:57)
    2. LuisGomez says this could be a project for an intern (but still needs someone to manage it) (vorburger, 17:47:13)
    3. vorburger points to this opendaylight-bot, which never went this far (to actually "control" Gerrit via API), that was the dream (vorburger, 17:47:44)
    4. vorburger says there are of course existing bot systems using in OpenStack and Kubernetes and elsewhere which perhaps could be re-used in OpenDaylight (vorburger, 17:48:12)
    5. ? LuisGomez says LF already said No to this a while ago (vorburger, 17:50:07)

  7. Cookies (vorburger, 17:52:44)
Meeting ended at 17:52:50 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. (none)

People present (lines said)

  1. vorburger (39)
  2. rovarga (9)
  3. odl_meetbot (4)
  4. jmorvay (2)
  5. LuisGomez (2)
  6. skitt (1)
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