Migrating Jenkins Jobs to the Releng silo and JJB

Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@...>


If you are on this list your project has yet to begin migrating to the releng silo and Jenkins Job Builder (JJB).

At the time of this writing we now have 21 projects in the releng Jenkins silo.  Overall, it will be very beneficial to all projects within OpenDaylight to have every project under the releng Jenkins silo as development and testing for Lithium ramp up.  For example, as it stands right now, if your project has an integration job that is fired when an upstream job is run, those jobs are no longer launching if your upstream project has migrated to JJB (and many of the upstream projects such as yangtools and controller already have). 

There is a work-around short term if you really need those integration jobs to fire before you migrate to the releng Jenkins silo, but the best long term answer will be to just make the move as soon as your project is able.

The migration process is pretty straightforward and is documented here:  https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/RelEng:Main#Builder

.. and as always, I'm very happy to help out if you have questions or get stuck.