migration of openflow related modules and applications from controller into ofplugin repo

Michal Rehak -X (mirehak - Pantheon Technologies SRO@Cisco) <mirehak@...>

there are already some activities going on which are aimed to migrate openflow related models and applications from controller to openflowplugin repository.

Migration will take following steps:
  • copy corresponding projects from controller into openflowplugin
  • change project and package names where necessary (without changing model content) (deadline: 09.01.2015)
  • adapt downstream project in order to use those model projects (deadline: 16.01.2015)
  • remove models from controller repository (deadline: 23.01.2015)

Models to migrate:
  • model/model-flow-base
  • model/model-flow-service
  • model/model-flow-statistics

Apps to migrate
  • statistics-manager
  • forwardingrules-manager
  • inventory-manager
  • topology-lldp-discovery
  • topology-manager

Donwstream projects (so far)
  • aaa
  • l2switch
  • ovsdb
  • openflowplugin
  • affinity
  • packetcable
  • grupbasedpolicy

If you have questions, contributions, comments then please feel free to respond.

The reason for models to move into openflowplugin is that those models are openflow specific and mostly driven by openflowplugin development. And controller project plans to go more abstract/general way.

With applications the situation is similar with one difference - there is no direct downstream project, there are just projects depending on dataStore result of those applications.

There are no deadlines for applications yet but moving them together with models might spare us some renaming work.

Thank you.