[packetcable] Beginning the RV discussion for Helium

Ryan Moats <rmoats@...>

First, apologies for the major email blast, but pretty much everybody gets covered by this one...

Second, apologies if I missed any projects that declared intent to be part of helium - I'm not 100% sure I have the ODL-SDNi folks and several other projects really should update their project pages (hint hint hint).  In addition, I'm pretty sure I've missed the southbound to OC, reservation, and toolkit folks, because I don't see a mailing list for them anywhere, nor do I see information about a topic to use on dev on any of their wiki pages

Third, not to call out the reservation project further, but I looked at the project wiki page and I have *no* clue how/where reservation fits, so this project isn't currently part of this discussion.  Consider this a major hint to help me help you...


During last week's TSC call, I took the action item of beginning the RV discussion for Helium.  After spending the weekend looking at the twenty-five projects that have declared their intent to participate, what made the most sense to me as a starting point was to propose the following five RVs:

1. A Minimal edition, which is *NOT* guaranteed to work out of the box, but provides the base framework for research projects.
2. A Base edition, which is intended to work out of the box and so has most of the SB plug-ins
3. An SDN edition, which is intended to work in various SDN environments
4. An Intent edition, which is intended to work in situations where "intent is being managed"
5. A Full edition, which is basically the kitchen sink.

The buildup in my mind is

Minimal --- Base ---(split)-- SDN/Intent --(combine)-- Full

This draft list can be found on the Helium Release Plan page at https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Simultaneous_Release:Helium_Release_Plan#Proposed_Release_Vehicles where each entry is a link that will take you to a one-line description and an image showing what projects are part of that RV.

I'm going to ask that rather than reply to the entire distribution list (because it is almost the entire ODL community), that folks reply to tsc@... with comments and suggestions...

Thanks, and let the comments begin.