ALTO IETF'93 (Prague) interop planning

Y. Richard Yang

Dear all,

Sorry for the spamming. If ALTO is not your current focus, please skip this email thread :-)

As July 20 will come in fast (exactly two weeks from today), I feel that it is time for our team to get the preparation fully started. After some brief preparation internally, we can engage on the ALTO mailing list and try to engage more broadly.

First, the basic info:

Time: ** MONDAY, July 20th, 20:00-23:00 **

Key draft guiding the interop:

Specific tasks:

T1: Pre-testing the interop draft (Wendy has some initial tests already.) Can some of us do a test using the ODL server? Volunteers? If no volunteer(s) by tomorrow, I will pick.

T2: Planning the details of interop day (July 20). Any volunteers?

What else do we want to achieve/test during the interop?

Thanks a lot!


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