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Y. Richard Yang

Dear David, Jian,

Thank you for looking into ALTO. 

In Lithium, the default costs are set essentially using a binary format. Extending it to improve flexibility is next on our agenda.

We are not running weekly meetings in these these few days due to coming IETF. I sure can answer questions. Please pick a time and we can arrange a chat. Morning ET works the best for me.


On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, David Cosby <dcosby@...> wrote:

Hi Richard,


Jian and I are looking at Alto on behalf of Lenovo for a project and wanted to consider joining your weekly meetings.  I’m very excited about what I think Alto does.  J


I was also hoping there was some chance you might be aware of someone who would be willing to spend about 15 minutes interactively answering questions with us.  I don’t feel experienced enough with Alto yet to feel like I’m making efficient use of the entire team emails, but can do so if/as required.


I guess one initial question was how the costs are currently set in Lithium?  We are doing the cost queries in apidoc/explorer and seeing costs that aren’t necessarily obvious.\




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