Re: [alto-design] Re: ODL L2 project


Hi Azher,

I could help you to solve the L2Switch issue but I need to know which branch you’re working and your test condition. The problem you mentioned seems not appears here. But we only test the l2switch on mininet so I’m not sure if the HostTracker really works with a real OpenFlow switch and I modified the L2Switch based on stable/lithium tag. 

If you have any question or information. Feel free to mail me :-).


On Sep 30, 2015, at 8:34 PM, Y. Richard Yang <yang.r.yang@...> wrote:

Hi Azher,

It was great to you yesterday.

I cc'd the alto-team.

Jensen/Junzhuo/Tony: Azher from CalTech mentioned that an issue they are facing is that ODL l2switch (HostTracker) made one host appears at multiple locations. Our version does not have this problem, I believe. Could you please engage Azher to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, Azher Mughal <azher@...> wrote:
Hi Richard,

Nice talking with you yesterday. Do yo mind sharing the project with us, so I can download and try it out. Current issues as I mentioned are hosts seen connected to various nodes which creates a total confusion.



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